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October 16, 2010 | Messages From Invisible Sources

TWIN KITTENS presents Messages From Invisible Sources, an exhibition of new works by Cody VanderKaay.

Cody VanderKaay / Messages From Invisible Sources
Exhibition Dates: Oct. 16th - Nov. 13th
Opening Reception: Sat. Oct. 16th 7-10pm
Westside Art Walk: Sat. Oct. 16th, 11am-5pm
In conjunction with Atlanta Celebrates Photography: During the month of October
Artist Talk: Sat. Nov. 13th at 2pm

“A billboard is often seen as an invasive ubiquitous structure; with it's content disappearing in
contrast to its dimension. Some see geography in the same light, limiting their view of the world to the small space in front of them.” ~ Cody VanderKaay

VanderKaay’s latest work explores the belief that our circumstances and surroundings can
influence our mental condition.

The artist crafted a series of small-scale wooden billboards to display personal affirmations
within the context of an expansive Mojave Desert. The landscape of Joshua Tree National Park remains minimally unaffected and uninterrupted by human activity making this location specific to this body of work. The limited size of the sculptural structures makes them physically and visually non-invasive to the environment, lasting only long enough to be photographed.

VanderKaay envisions an altered frame of reference for the viewer- where the billboard
affirmations appear monumental in contrast to the serene desert- ultimately contextualizing
something that is intensely personal into something that is publicly available.

The nature of VanderKaay’s work is at times both conceptually circumstantial and whimsical,
reflecting the character of the occasion he describes. Connections are discovered through flux and movement between people or mantra-like meditations from within. He aspires to generate new pathways of understanding, provoke actions, and direct attention to the experiences of our lives.

Photo Credit: Cody VanderKaay

Cody VanderKaay Biography:
VanderKaay is an artist, educator, skater, and cyclist with a fondness for mountains and
deserts. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Northern Michigan University and his
Master of Fine Arts from the University of Georgia; both focusing on Sculpture. He is Assistant
Professor of Art at Oakland University, Michigan. In his studio he continues to shape parable-
like quotes into sculptural objects, drawings, and collaborative artworks.

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