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March 20th, 2014 | I WILL BE THE VOID

TWIN KITTENS presents I WILL BE THE VOID, a solo exhibition of artworks by Lydia Anne McCarthy.

Exhibition Dates: Mar. 21 - May 21
Reception: Fri. Apr. 18 7-10pm
Works priced for sale.

Born: 1981 Melrose, MA. Lives and works in Alfred, NY. Lydia has held solo exhibitions at Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet in Umeå, Sweden and the North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh, NC. As well as Daniel Cooney Fine Art: New York, NY and ACRE Gallery in Chicago, IL. This is her first exhibition at TWIN KITTENS.

For more info:

75 Bennett St. Atlanta, GA 30309 Suite K1
(at the end of Bennett St. in the TULA next to MOCA GA. Space is downstairs)

March 2nd, 2014| NO ORDINARY BENEFIT

TWIN KITTENS presents No Ordinary People, a print sale benefiting Lazarus.

Preview prints here:

Event Date: Mar. 15 at 2-10pm
Family hours: Sat. Mar. 15 2-6pm
Snacks, kids art area, drinks, and games
Party hours: Sat. Mar. 15 6-10pm
Beer, cocktails, food, DJ and dancing
All proceeds go to Lazarus.
75 Bennett St. Atlanta, GA 30309 Suite K1
(at the end of Bennett St. in the TULA next to MOCA GA. Space is downstairs)

15 artists have designed 15 posters inspired by a C.S. Lewis quote taken from the "Weight of Glory"
An edition of 30 prints per design.
4 framed per design.
Screen printed on archival paper.
$35 / print.
$85 / framed print.

James Abercrombie,
Kevin Abeyta,
Angie Bowman,
Kyle Brooks,
Roy Fleeman,
Matt Greenhalgh,
Jeff Guy,
Kit Hughes,
Erin Humphries,
Colleen Coolidge Lindner,
Larry Luk,
Brett Miotti,
Ciara Sames,
Jared Swafford,
Micah Whitson,

Lazarus is an Atlanta-based organization that comes alongside our homeless neighbors and helps them meet their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Lazarus' focus is simple; acknowledging the human dignity found in every person, homeless or not, and investing in relationships that encourages life change. They meet weekly with men and women and share conversations, provide resume writing workshops, financial classes for women and art therapy in the local shelters. Every year they facilitate four major events downtown with the homeless; Health Day, Super Bowl Party, Christmas Dinner, and a Neighborhood Beautification Day.

Lazarus Ministries started with two people serving about 20 homeless men and women in the year 2000. Today, Lazarus has a monthly base of 50 volunteers serving around 5000 homeless men, women, and children. For special events, the volunteer base consists of 300-500 individuals serving 500-1500 homeless individuals per event.

Learn more about Lazarus and get involved:

January 9th, 2014 | ALWAYS WHEREVER

TWIN KITTENS presents ALWAYS WHEREVER, a solo exhibition of artworks by Aimee Beaubien. Works selected in collaboration with Kelly Kristin Jones.

Exhibition Dates: Jan. 17 - Mar. 5
Reception: Fri. Jan. 17 7-10pm
Works priced for sale.


Born on the border of Kentucky and Tennessee, Aimée Beaubien moved through many states and landed in Chicago, Illinois where she lives and works. Beaubien received her BFA in 1989 and MFA in 1993 from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where she is an Adjunct Associate Professor in the Department of Photography. Her photo-based work has been exhibited in the US, Spain, Germany, Italy and reviewed in publications such as Art In America, Art on Paper, and Art Papers. This is her first exhibition at TWIN KITTENS.

For more info:

75 Bennett St. Atlanta, GA 30309 Suite K1
(at the end of Bennett St. in the TULA next to MOCA GA. Space is downstairs)

December 3rd, 2013 | DIALOGUE

Images courtesy of Rusty Wallace

TWIN KITTENS presents DIALOGUE, a survey of works by Rusty Wallace.

Exhibition Dates: Dec. 12 - Jan. 9
Reception: Fri. Dec. 13 7-10pm

75 Bennett St. Atlanta, GA 30309 Suite K1
(at the end of Bennett St. in the TULA next to MOCA GA. Space is downstairs)


For my second solo show at Twin Kittens, I will present a sampling of new and recent work. This fall marked the 20th anniversary of my becoming fully aware that I was an artist and that I had a path to pursue towards realizing my work and dreams. I had no idea exactly what that entailed, just that I couldn’t ignore it, however frightening the unknowns were and exciting the potential adventure could be. I had no delusions that it would be easy, or a cake walk. I have many people to thank along the way, and am happy to share a little of my work as an expression of gratitude.

My favorite book, The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho, has been a touchstone and beacon for me for over a decade. In it, the pursuit and realization of a “Personal Legend” unfolds with the main character, Santiago. One excerpt echoes and resonates with me, amongst many other passages, where the old man says to the main character, Santiago: “It’s a force that appears to be negative, but actually shows you how to realize your Personal Legend. It prepares your spirit and your will, because there is one great truth on this planet: whoever you are, or whatever it is that you do, when your really want something, it’s because that desire originated in the soul of the universe. It’s your mission on earth.” And finally, in The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho states, “Dreams are not negotiable.”

Below are recent thoughts on my work and investigations:

My work converses with the essence of things and of ideas; of precedence and of questioning. Its simplicity, then, is a mere beginning, a luring baited with the deformity of assumption. It is curiosity’s investment that leads to discernment, tugging in opposition to the ease of the immediate, rendering reductive clarity and overt certainty anathema to my intent. The odyssey is the act of questioning, and through it, and only through it, the viewer’s awareness strips slowly bare the integral and highly complex substructures which scaffold it.

Ideas orbit, collide, complement, antagonize, and point outward in perpetuity. Duality and paradox flow through conceptual strata and the multi-layered references that defy the guise of simplicity. The structure exists to be interrogated. It is built to be indefatigueably unraveled, explored, its intricacies unearthed. Standing in opposition to the confines of smallness and concision, it chooses instead to radiate and reflect outward, redirecting thought and intention across and against new planes of ideas. The ideas are enfolded within a vessel of simplicity with limitless depth and endless unlockings. Discovery becomes a nonlinear traveling, where no concise endpoint exists. The journey is intended to be ever-reaching and expansive, a knowing beyond the you or me of summary, praising the antimyopic with eternal outward stretch. It strives to be the activity of dialogue and illumination, a dynamic play with the faceted nature of symbology and semiotics, with a wink and a nod to deliberate uncomplexity.

In other words, the more you look, the more you see.

Materials, processes, and presence collaborate in service to ideas without reduction, refusing dilution to serve basic comprehension, attentive to and in concert with the inherent structure and strength of those ideas. Each evoke and embody elements that inform the work - buttressing, expanding and serving the idea beneath.

Semiotics playfully, but critically, interacts with Ontology and Art History, forging a syntax between the apparent and the contemplative. They serve as entry points into a realm of ideas - creating a common language from which those ideas can expand - a dialogical touchstone, a methodology of visual communication. By calling on the works of those before me, I am joining an ongoing and eternal dialogue, and, more importantly, questioning the weight of that discussion. I seek the “Hows” and “Whys” of their existence and what their happening means. It is the way by which I can engage the whole of History, teasing out and confronting groups of ideas, treatises, manifestos and trajectories of thought, asking what is important and where does that lead? My work is an arena in which I can spar with problematic ideas, critically using the guise of simplicity to raise questions and interrogate beliefs.

I do not hold art history with white-gloved reverence, nor do I worship at a sepulchre of pristine and untouchable achievement. My work destroys the altar of catechismic rites and rote deference to the canon of the celebrated and the known.

Ultimately, I strive to gesture towards the ineffable; towards ideas with which I am humbled to collaborate.


Lives and works in Athens, Georgia. He graduated an MFA from The University of Georgia and a BFA from The University of Kentucky. His work has been featured in the Armory Show in NYC, Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh, Maryland Art Place in Baltimore, Grounds for Sculture in Hamilton, NJ, as well as The Contemporary Museum of Art of Georgia and The Atlanta Contemporary Art Center. This is his second solo exhibition at TWIN KITTENS.

For more info: Click on the Vimeo link on the artist's website for gallery talks.


TWIN KITTENS presents TRANSMOGRIFICATION, an exhibition of new sculptural works by Andrew Boatright.

Exhibition Dates: Aug. 24 - Oct. 8
Reception: Fri. Sept. 6 7-10pm
Works priced for sale.

75 Bennett St. Atlanta, GA 30309 Suite K1
(at the end of Bennett St. in the TULA next to MOCA GA. Space is downstairs)

May 30th, 2013 | CARDINAL

Rachel Reese presents CARDINAL, a group exhibition installed in two locations.

Exhibition Dates: June 13-July 21, 2013
Opening: Friday June 14th 7-10pm
Curator Talks: Saturday June 15, 12-2pm, Marcia Wood Gallery // Sunday June 30, 3-5pm, Twin Kittens Gallery
Curated by Rachel Reese

Lee Arnold // John Chiara // Stephanie Dowda // AnnieLaurie Erickson // John Paul
Floyd // Bryan Graf // Captain William Jordan // Torkel Korling // Bjorn Larsson //
Eileen Neff // Barbara Probst // Richard Torchia // Letha Wilson

75 Bennett St. Atlanta, GA 30309 Suite K1
(at the end of Bennett St. in the TULA next to MOCA GA. Space is downstairs)

263 Walker Street SW
Atlanta, GA 30309 Atlanta, GA 30313

CARDINAL is a visual response to Magnus Bärtås’ 2006 essay, IN THE MIDST OF
NATURE—written to compliment Björn Larsson’s photographs of Gustaf Kolthoff’s
dioramas at the Swedish Ideological Museum—a publication produced by Journal.

CARDINAL draws no conclusions and is rather invested in its journey. This
exhibition occurs in two conceptual parts—two spaces roughly six miles apart—where
travel and time become inclusive to the experience.

The title, CARDINAL, refers to observation in terms of ornithology and bird
watching, as well as directional navigation. The artists in this exhibition consider the