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TWIN KITTENS is dedicated to promoting the work and lives of contemporary artists from near and far. We do this by presenting the viewing public with thought-provoking, ambitious, exhibitions unencumbered by the marketplace and introducing the artists through creative programming and community engagements. The exhibiting artists are not asked for a commission on the sale of their works. This enables the artists to make a full profit on the sale of their art (should they choose to price their works). This too keeps their art from becoming seen primarily as commodity and encourages thoughtful risk taking when presenting to the public.

As a non-profitting gallery, we seek to empower working artists and enrich the lives of the people believing visual art has this capacity.

We now stand at an exciting threshold and look for your help. Unique as TK is, we hope you will consider joining us in this endeavor.

You can donate securely online through PayPal using your credit or debit cards. Just click on the button below to get involved by supporting TWIN KITTENS with a donation of whatever amount feels significant to you. (Did we mention it is a tax write-off?) You can also support TK by going to the Buy Art page on this site and purchasing some fantastic work donated to us by the artists who have exhibited at TK durring 2010. All proceeds from the artwork will go towards TK's operating expenses. Thanks!

We'd like to say a thank you to our TK Business Partner

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We'd like to say a big thank you to our TK Patrons...

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